During the 2007 summer campaign over 1100 sprites, halos, elves and gigantic jets have been image over 14 states by our volunteer Sprite Net cameras.

The award winning sprite DVD, "The Hundred Year Hunt for the Red Sprite" and "Cloud Catcher" are available no
w, along with dozens of other exciting programs on weather and related fields.

Visit our educational website for sprites: www.Sky-Fire.TV

STEPS 2000 Program Information
Sprite Conference Slide Shows
Lightning Safety Awareness Week, 22-28 June, 2008 - check the NOAA website
as well as the Canadian Lightning FAQ on their Canadian Forest Service website.

Yucca Ridge Field Station seen from the SW
Click for Fort Collins, Colorado Forecast  

STEPS 2000 at Yucca Ridge Field Station
Back, L to R, Larry Gardner and Prof. Micchael Taylor (Utah State), Fernanda de Sao Sabas (University of Alaska), Judy Fossum (University of Northern Colorado), Elizabeth Gerken (Stanford). Front, L to R, Rob Moore (Stanford) and Victor Pasko (Penn States), Tom Nelson, (FMA) Photographer: Walt Lyons (FMA)

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